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Our Growers

Our relationship with our growers is exceptionally important to us. At present we have around 30 different growers, all of whom contribute in a very special way to our company. Without our growers we simply could not produce the range and quality of products that our customers have come to know and expect from Wilson’s Country. We work very closely with our growers to develop a partnership based on trust, support and a mutual desire to offer the best Irish potatoes.

William plies his trade from a farm in Newtownards. The working of the land began with his Great Grandfather and he continues to nurture around 250 acres with his eldest son Nathan.

Together they grow up to eight different varieties for Wilson’s Country including earlies, seasonal and maincrop potatoes.

“Our Queen’s are eagerly anticipated and were lovely and floury this year” William Gilmore

William Gilmore, County Down, Growing Queens

Mark and Noel, two cousins have started to take over where their fathers left off. The Sheridan’s have been part of the Wilson’s grower group from the early 2000’s and pride themselves in growing top quality potatoes on the rich fertile land in the Boyne valley.

Currently they farm approx 1800 acres which comprises of 350 acres of potatoes and 1450 acres of cereals. Mark and Noel both studied agriculture at university and bring a wealth of new and exciting ideas to the farm.

‘I’m busy grading Maris Piper for Wilson’s Country as we speak.’ Mark Sheridan

Mark & Noel Sheridan, County Meath, Growing Maris Piper & Cultra

Raymond, along with his 3 sons has been growing potatoes for Wilson’s Country for over 20 years now. The farm is nestled in the middle of the Mourne Mountains however the Patterson’s have recently extended their farm through the purchase of land further north in East Down.

Raymond currently grows just over 200 acres of potatoes, along with 150 acres of cereals and keeps 400 breeding ewes.

Potatoes have been part of the Patterson farm for generations now and over the years they have acquired a wealth of knowledge on how to grow and manage a potato crop.

‘Every year is different….we like a challenge!’ Raymond Patterson

Raymond Patterson & Sons, County Down, Growing Maris Piper & Cultra

Barry and Paul Kelly have had a great interest in tillage from their early childhood. Their farm is located in the middle of Co. Meath with land bordering the River Boyne.

The Kelly brothers grow approx. 100ac of potatoes and see Wilson’s Country as a key part of their potato business.

‘I get a buzz from growing spuds!’ Paul Kelly

Kelly Bros, County Meath, Growing Cultra, M. Piper & Rooster

Mervyn, with help from his brother Ivan farm on the South Down coast. He has been part of the Wilson’s grower group for over 10 years and is always willing to try new varieties that offer the customer something different.

The Wilson farm is a mixed farm with beef cattle, sheep, cereals and potatoes. Potatoes account for approx. 70ac on the farm.

‘Nothing beats digging spuds on an autumn morning….’ Mervyn Wilson

Mervyn Wilson, County Down, Growing Cultra, M. Piper & Navan

Derek, along with his wife Faith and their two sons Ethan and Reuben, is responsible for around 250 acres of potatoes. From the farm in Newtownards, Derek meticulously plans his year based on the required activities to produce the best crop.

Nothing goes without attention, from the choice of field, to the choice of seed, even the dry matter is focused on (dry matter of a potato will indicate its flouriness). Sampling near to harvest time can help determine if the potatoes are ready and ‘when the dry matter is right we allow the skins to harden in the ground, before harvesting as quickly as possible!’ Like all our growers, Derek is all too familiar with the complexities of the Irish weather!

“The land has to be suitable for the variety, Kerr’s Pink like a sandy soil, whereas Maris Piper like heavier soil.” Derek Erwin

Derek Erwin, County Down, Growing Kerrs Pink & Navan

Declan Heaney is based in Navan, County Meath. Declan and his father Padraig, grow around 85 acres of potatoes on their land. They have become experts in planting, nurturing and harvesting an array of maincrop varieties for Wilson’s Country over the years.

The farm was bought by Declan’s grandfather some years ago. The only thing that holds them back is the Irish weather!

“The Irish weather can certainly be a challenge – every year is different.” Declan Heaney

Declan Heaney, County Meath, Growing Main Crop Potatoes

David farms along with his father James at their farm in the heart of the Mourne mountains. Traditionally they focused on growing potato seed however over recent years they now produce approx. 60 acres of ware potatoes. The main varieties they work with are Maris Piper, Rooster and Queens.

David and his father will travel up to 30 miles in order to get fresh land to grow a quality crop of potatoes.

David Baird, Co Down, Growing Main Crop Potatoes

It’s in the blood of the Kane’s to grow potatoes. David along with his brother Stephen and his sons Daniel and Joel, have followed in the footsteps of their father Joe, by nurturing this crop. David and Stephen care for around 20 acres of land in Armagh, on which they grow maincrop potatoes for Wilson’s Country.

David works hard to provide us with potatoes that are good quality, a consistent shape and size and most of all, a floury texture.

“It’s all about keeping the customer happy!” David Kane

Daniel Kane, County Armagh, Growing Main Crop Potatoes