Spring is in the air

The Patterson family (Glenmore Farms) have started planting the first Maris Piper of 2019.

The Patterson farm is based in Newcastle Co. Down.
This is the first of approx. 220 acres of potatoes grown for Wilson’s Country on the farm. On average they will plant about 8 acres per day, weather permitting of course!

Last year was one of the worst our potato growers have seen in a long time. The wet spring meant planting was late and the dry, warm summer meant very little growth in the crops.

Potatoes, like all our local produce, depend on the weather. Ideally we like a dry mild Spring for planting – fingers crossed our growers get as much planted as they can over the coming weeks!

Our farmers work extremely hard to make the most of the weather when they can, many times they will be working 24/7 to try and get planting finished before the rain comes.
All so that we can enjoy the great taste of locally grown spuds!

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