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Potatoes – easy on your figure &
even better on your purse!

A recent report produced by the Northern Ireland Assembly’s Health Committee confirmed that growing levels of obesity place an enormous strain on the local healthcare system and budgets. Nutrition plays a key role in determining whether or not we achieve a ‘healthy lifestyle’. However, the good news is that one of the most popular foods produced on our doorstep can make a significant contribution to a healthy diet.

Health & Environment

The Queen’s University of Belfast-based lecturer and leading nutritionist Dr Geraldine Cuskelly comments:

“You can keep the fat content low by using low-fat spreads sparingly, semi-skimmed milk or natural yogurt to make mash. Potatoes are a great source of starch. The Food Standards Agency advises we should base all our meals on starch sources.”

“Potatoes contribute importantly to intakes of vitamin C. They also represent a good source of fibre, B vitamins and potassium. After thorough washing before cooking, potatoes eaten with their skins can help to increase dietary fibre intakes. We don’t eat enough fibre in Northern Ireland.”

Health & Environment

But that’s by no means the end of the good news where locally grown potatoes are concerned; the humble spud also represents excellent value for money.

On the basis of standard servings, potatoes are up to 40 per cent cheaper than pasta and rice, therefore consumers are benefiting both nutritionally and economically when they opt to buy potatoes at the present time.

For families who have a desire to go back to basics the potato is a value for money option that will guarantee them taste and versatility at the right price.

Health & Environment


Our company Mission
Statement says that we will:

Deliver a safe product in harmony with the environment.
Health & Environment

We support this sentiment entirely and do so by assessing all the potential impacts our business may have on the environment and as a result do everything in our power to minimise these impacts.  For example we use an on-site well supplementing our recycled water.

In addition we have been audited by the Carbon Trust who commended us on how we conduct operations.

We have further demonstrated our commitment to “Environmental Best Practice” by investing £310,000 developing an innovative water cleaning and recycling system, supported by Invest NI. This will significantly reduce both our environmental impact and associated water costs.

Below are a few reasons why the company are deserved recipients of these awards and commendations.

Health & Environment

• We are an advocate of reusing where possible and also we have an effective recycling scheme throughout the factory and office.

• Any potatoes that don’t meet the grade to go into our bags will not go into the bin. They may get peeled or further processed, with any further waste used in our AD Plants or sent to local farms for animal feed.

• When you buy potatoes from us, the majority of the time you are supporting local farmers and the local economy, therefore helping to reduce food miles.

• The nature of the potato as a seasonal product also means that the agricultural land gets a bit of respite throughout the year, making it more sustainable.

• All the offices and production areas of the factory are fitted with motion sensitive LED lights- when no one is about the lights go out!

Health & Environment