Comber Earlies on the way..

As the evenings get longer and the weather (hopefully) gets warmer our local farmers have started to plant the first early potatoes of the season in Northern Ireland.

As always, the weather dictates when we will see these Comber spuds on our dinner plates but hopefully first harvest will be end of May/beginning of June.

Comber earlies are eagerly awaited and have a unique, earthy taste. They have always been regarded as a delicacy by local consumers & local restaurants. This has been officially reflected in the attainment of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status for these unique potatoes under an EU scheme which promotes and protects names of quality agricultural products and foodstuffs.

Wilson’s Country managing director Lewis Cunningham commented:

“Comber Earlies will retain their PGI status. This will continue to set them apart as a unique product with distinct eating characteristics.

He added:

“Early potatoes have a unique flavour. They can be quickly boiled in their skins as it’s loose from the early harvest and enjoyed as part of a main course or included in salads.”

“Consumers want to get back to basics and potatoes allow them to do this in very satisfying manner.”

Watch our recipe page for ideas on how to best cook these unique potatoes.

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