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The Wilson’s brand has a long and proud tradition. From its roots, starting off as a handful of lines serving a small section of the rural Armagh community, we have come a long way. Wilson’s Country Potatoes have now been tasted by 1 in 2 people in Northern Ireland and 1 in 5 people in the Republic of Ireland*.  Over the years our brand and range has evolved to give you what you want. We consciously listen to what customers are saying and offer spuds to suit everybody. Below we have listed all that we have to offer- have a peep and see what tickles your fancy!
White potatoes can be, broadly speaking, referred to as ‘maincrop’. They are usually harvested in late summer and early autumn. They represent the majority of the potatoes grown and sold in the UK and Ireland. They can usually be relied upon to be an ‘all rounder’ in the kitchen and include such varieties as Cultra, Saxon, Premier or Osprey.

Be eating
one potato,
peeling a second,
have a third
in your fist
and your
eye on the

Irish Proverb
Wilson’s Wonders are carefully selected for flavour. Various varieties of potato can find their way into this bag, depending on what’s good at the time, but what remains consistent is that you will always be treated to a tasty spud. Wilson’s Wonders tend to be an ‘all round’ potato which can be used for boiling, roasting chipping and baking.
Spuds for Tonight were specifically designed to accommodate your potato needs...Tonight! A smaller pack size and consistently sized potatoes means that you can create the perfect potato dish, without any hassle. Try sautéing or even microwaving these spuds.
These potatoes are carefully selected from the farm to guarantee good eating quality but also offer you the best value for money. There are three pack sizes to choose from so that all households can enjoy Farm Value.
Our New potato range offers a potato that is new season and has a waxy texture. You will often see varieties such as Charlotte, Maris Peer and Nicola in these packs. They tend to be referred to as ‘earlies’ because most are harvested early in the season in the UK and Republic of Ireland. However, because we at Wilson’s Country want to offer you the taste and texture of New Potatoes all year round, we follow the sun all year round. When our weather is not good to us here in Ireland, we can rely on growers in France, Israel and even Cyprus to help us bring you a taste of the sun every day of the year.
Wilson’s Country New 1.5kg
New potatoes are known for their firmer texture which makes them suitable for boiling and sautéing. Because of their firmer texture they are also less likely to break up when boiled.

"What I say
is that,
if a fellow
really likes
he must be
a pretty
decent sort
of fellow."

A. A. Milne (1882-1956)
Wilson's Country Baby New 750g
Like New potatoes ‘babies’ have a firm texture and a slightly earthy taste. The fact that they are smaller in size means they lend themselves well to being served in a salad. Their small size also means that they can be prepared in less time...handy for those with hectic lifestyles!
Wilson’s Country Cyprus
Potatoes 2kg
Cyprus Potatoes are usually available in late March and once you see them you’d better snap them up quickly. They have a very short season and will be gone for another year before June is over. They are a waxy potato and have a distinct almost oval shape. They are grown in the fertile, red soils of Cyprus by a nation that is known for its potato growing prowess.
Wilson’s Country Comber
Potatoes 2kg
Every year Northern Ireland consumers await, with eager anticipation, the arrival of these, the first new potatoes of the season. They have been grown in Comber, County Down since the 1600’s. They are ‘earlies’ and can be harvested as early as May or June, weather permitting. It is best to steam these potatoes.
Wilson’s Country Queen’s
Potatoes 2.5kg
Queen’s, like Comber are a keenly anticipated potato variety in Ireland. They are the limited edition of the potato world because once they are harvested from July they will only be on the shelves for a matter of weeks. You’d better make sure you get your Queen’s! Enjoy them because of their floury texture and great taste.

Like our White Potatoes, our Bakers are ‘maincrop’. However, what makes them special is that they have been carefully selected by us as the perfect size to make the perfect jacket potato. You will find varieties such as Cultra, Saxon or Estima in these bags.
Wilson’s Country Jacket Potatoes
Baking a potato is perhaps the easiest and most nutritious way to get your potato fix. Pop these in the oven for 1 – 1 ½ hours and you will be treated to a potato that is crispy on the outside yet nice and fluffy inside. The only hard work for you is choosing what to put on top!

“If beef's the
king of meat,
the potato's
the queen of
the garden world.”

Irish Saying
Potatoes are not just special because they are seasonal; some of them have other unique features specific to the variety that make working with spuds so wonderful…and eating them even better! Our Named Variety range truly reflects how unique this vegetable is.
It is because Garden Potatoes have been around since the very beginning of Wilson's Country, and they still put a smile on our customers' faces, that we recognise them as our premium product.

Grown the ‘Wilson’s Way’ these potatoes come from the richest local soils. By growing on rich soils we are less reliant on fertilisers to produce the crop. They are also grown by only a selection of farmers who have the best knowledge of all things potato related. When harvest time comes around, we select the flouriest of our crops for packing into the Garden bag. When we store the potatoes, we only use cold air and no chemicals, therefore limiting our impact on the local environment.

Only potatoes that pass our strict protocol will even be considered for this bag. This means that you are guaranteed to be treated to a floury delight, making them a real joy to eat.
Wilson’s Country Maris Piper 2.5kg
Maris Piper are unique in the respect that they have been adopted as the chip shop’s favourite potato for frying, due to their reliability in cooking, their great taste and fluffy texture. They are, however, tremendously versatile and also good for boiling, baking and roasting. Whatever the cooking method, once you have tried Maris Piper’s you will wonder why you haven’t done before!

"Only two things
in this world
are too serious
to be jested on,
potatoes and

Irish saying
Wilson’s Country Kerr’s Pink Potatoes 2.5kg
Kerr’s Pink are a unique looking potato which have a distinct pinkish colour and deep dimples called eyes in their skin. Despite their unique appearance they pride themselves on being Ireland’s second favourite variety. The reason why they are held fondly in the hearts of the Irish is that they are really floury; you would struggle to come across a dryer potato. Initially bred in Scotland by James Henry and brought to these shores in 1917, it may be an old variety but it still makes a mean mash!
Wilson’s Country Navan
Potatoes 2.5kg
Navan potatoes have a floury texture, are very versatile and are great value for money. They were first bred in Northern Ireland in 1987, but despite being relatively new on the potato scene they have become a household favourite in Ireland. They are a really reliable potato and are great for mashing, chipping, roasting or boiling.
Wilson’s Country Rooster
Potatoes 2.5kg
Rooster Potatoes are striking due to their dark red skin and their yellow flesh. It’s not only their skin that makes them special; they have a lovely floury texture and great taste, quite distinctive from other potato varieties. They have become the most popular potato in Ireland and are recognised as great for baking. Described by The Independent newspaper as the ‘uber tuber’ they are a must have in any supermarket trolley.

Our Organic potatoes are grown without man-made fertilisers and the growing practices we use are fully approved by the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA). It is in the nature of potatoes that the rougher the skin the tastier the potato. Organic potatoes are no exception to this broad rule of thumb. They may not look perfect but they, like all our potatoes, are grown with knowledge and love.
Wilson’s Country Organic 2.5kg
Wilson’s are proud to have an organic offering in its range. The use of organic methods will help us maintain healthy, fertile soils so we can continue producing great tasting potatoes.

"My idea
of heaven
is a great
big baked
potato and
someone to
share it with"

Oprah Winfrey
Our factory in County Armagh is also home
to a thriving potato processing facility. We
have the ability to peel, slice, dice, wedge and chip. We also produce specialist potato cuts such as Chateau and Parisienne.

Over the years we have perfected our production methods in order to ensure that these potatoes, even after processing, keep their colour, their integrity and therefore can be used for a variety of purposes in any kitchen. These packs are produced for the wholesale, food processing and catering industry across Ireland.

"Nothing like
mashed potatoes
when you're
feeling blue."

Nora Ephron

It is testament to our professionalism and to the quality of the product we supply, that many retailers in Ireland place their trust in us to pack their own brand potatoes.

For example we have been supplying own brand potatoes to Tesco in Northern Ireland since 1997. At this stage, it was one product into one Tesco Metro store, but now we deliver in the region of 20,000 tonnes of potatoes per year to all Tesco stores in Northern Ireland.

We also supply Marks and Spencer and Supervalu in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, as well as Tesco Ireland, with own brand products.

We do not take this responsibility lightly. We listen to the needs of each retailer, ensuring that we can deliver a product that will meet their individual specifications. Our great attention to detail and high service levels ensure that our customers are always satisfied.

"What I say
is that,
if a fellow
really likes
he must be
a pretty decent
sort of fellow."

A. A. Milne (1882-1956)

With support from Invest NI through an R&D Grant (RD1215396) a new range of cooked and dressed potato products have been developed.

* source: TNS Data November 2009

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